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The best way to get an accurate price quote from Great Lakes Fence is with careful measuring. If you can get a copy of the mortgage survey of your home and yard like the sample you see here, mark it with fence and gate locations and fax it to us. You’ll get an accurate quote in the least amount of time. You also have the option of sending your sketch via email if you have the ability to scan your sketch (please send file in .jpg or .gif format). But just to be on the safe side, before you sign any documents, Great Lakes Fence will send a representative out to your home for an exact measurement.

Regarding gates, mark locations (and how wide you want them), steps up or down, and corner fence posts (use an “X” to mark these please). Also, don’t forget to include what type of fencing you’d like, what city you live in, if you’d like it installed or you’d rather do it yourself, and the information necessary to contact you (name, phone number, fax number, email address, etc.). It’s that easy!

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Putting in a new fence is a substantial decision so we welcome inquiries from homeowners, office park managers, industrial supervisors, or anyone else interested in increasing their property value, safety, and attractiveness. If you would like to email us or get a free quote, please use the form below. You can also give us a call at 313-273-2900.

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