Security Fence

Great Lakes Fence Company can give you peace of mind with security fence that provides the ultimate solution to safeguard your residence or business. From height and material options to specialized access control systems, we tailor our solutions to provide the perfect security fence for your situation. We guarantee attention to detail during installation, adherence to industry standards, and ongoing support to ensure your security fence operates at peak performance throughout its lifespan.

Solutions for Home or Business

We offer customized solutions to fit your home or business needs. Here is what we can help you with:

Picket Fence

Aluminum picket & steel picket fence products provide a high level of security, particularly when designed with closely spaced optional pickets. They can also be constructed with high gates & locking mechanisms, making it difficult for intruders to enter your property.


Wood fences can provide a good level of security. They can be constructed with solid panels that are difficult to climb over. Wood fences come in a variety of styles. They can be constructed with different types of wood and heights. They are good for densely populated areas or near busy roads.

Chain Link

Chain link fences provide a secure barrier that can help keep people & animals out of your property. This can be particularly important for businesses, schools, & residential properties. The smaller mesh size makes it harder to climb the fence. We also offer barb wire for enhanced security.

Privacy Vinyl

Vinyl Fence

A full privacy vinyl fence offers both style and security for outdoor properties. Vinyl fences are designed to be extremely durable, low maintenance, withstanding harsh weather conditions, impacts, and the test of time. They come in a range of colors, textures, and finishes to fit your specific needs.

Additional Security Features for Your Fence

Expanded Metal: Expanded metal is built for strength and protection. The diamond-shaped openings provide a balance between security and visibility. The diamond-shaped openings allow for good visibility, enabling security personnel or surveillance cameras to monitor activities on both sides of the fence. This makes it easier to detect and respond to potential security threats. The expanded metal pattern makes it difficult for climbers to gain a foothold or grip on the fence, discouraging climbing attempts.

Corrugated Steel Corrugated metal privacy fencing offers durability and longevity. Great for parking lots and other areas that need protection from view and secure access.

Access Controls: Our security fence and gates seamlessly integrate with various access control systems, such as keycard entry, tag readers, and video/intercom systems to name a few. Contact us for access control options that meet your needs and requirements.

On-site Gate Access Controls:
– Liftmaster Wireless Keypad – KPW250-spec-Sheet
– Doorbird cut sheet for integrated video and intercom along with keypad access control
– Doorbird cut sheet video and intercom (no keypad)
– LiftMaster MSC1000_Product_Guide – Vehicle Tag Reader
Remote Off-site Gate Access Control:
– myQ Community app Flyer_2022

Security fence - access control

Barb Wire: Barbed wire on gates and fences enhances security and acts as a deterrent to unauthorized access or intrusion. Barb wire consists of twisted strands of wire with sharp barbs spaced at regular intervals. It can be installed on a 45 degree or vertical arm.

Razor Ribbon: Razor Ribbon acts as a visible deterrent and makes it difficult to climb over without personal injury or entanglement. Razor ribbon consists of sharp, razor-like edges coiled at the top of commercial fence and gates for additional security. Please note: Most cities are no longer allowing razor ribbon. In fact, some are requiring it to be taken down.

Razor Wire